Bien-être à la Maison de Papillon

Denise Grieve

Reiki, EFT, meditation, mindfulness

A little bit about who I am

Hi and welcome to this page. I hope you find it informative and transparent. If you are still left with questions after browsing through this page, please do not hesitate to contact me.
So, where to start. My name is Denise Grieve. I’m originally from Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Aveyron in South West France in 2011 with my husband. We love our new life here and have always felt that we are exactly where we are meant to be. I’m very lucky to have a joiner as a husband who specializes in renovations as we fell in love with this house and barns but there was so much work to be done ! So, we renovated our old farm house, adopting many abandoned, mistreated and sick dogs en route. I then became an English Teacher, primarily working in a school for children with psychological and emotional needs. However, I also run adult conversational English courses and have worked in various different establishments throughout the years here.

My journey on the path to becoming an Energy Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher

I have always felt connected to Spirit and healing. At a young age, I went with my mother to yoga and meditation classes, amongst other things. My career began in 1983 when I started training as a Psychiatric Nurse at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, after having worked with stroke patients as an OT aid. The power of the mind on our health and well-being always intrigued me, even at a young age of 17. Then in the late 90’s I started working at the Cullen Center, an out-patient therapy clinic, becoming a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. I worked here for many years. This clinic specializes in utilizing therapeutic approaches in the treatment of patients suffering from eating disorders, depression, phobias, anxiety and personality disorders with self-defeating behavoiurs. Through this time, I began to explore alternative ways to work therapeutically with people who could not access their voice, people who had no words to describe their pain or their traumatic experiences.

In 2003 I was very lucky to be accepted on to a training course in Basic BAT 1 and then 2 (Basic Body Awareness Therapy), a holistic Scandinavian physiotherapeutic model utilizing the body and physical movements and meditation to aid in the healing of trauma. Then in 2006 I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and completed the Level 1 and Level 2 Advanced Practitioner training. I integrated EFT into a lot of my patient therapeutic interventions with great effects. EFT is a technique that is taught to a person so that they can use it whenever they feel they need to. It becomes an effective tool that can be used autonomously, which helps to develop a sense of self-healing. Another significant model at the clinic was DBT. A small group of us at the clinic co-managed a DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) group for around 8 years. DBT is a group based treatment aimed at changing repeated self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviours, with Mindfulness at its foundation.

This was a big stepping stone for me where I began to learn about and practice Mindfulness and I later went on to complete the Five Mindfulness Trainings by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh twice, once in 2008 and repeating them in 2010. These were truly magical moments for me.

It then felt like I had done a full circle. I felt guided back towards more Energetic and Spiritual teachings. In 2010 I did an Angel Therapy and Attunement course and went on to undertake the Sapphire of Angels course and attunement in 2011. This work led me to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki as the organisers and providers of these courses were two sisters who are both wonderful Reiki Masters and naturally very psychic and Spiritually connected. I then had my very first Reiki session by Heather McNee, which changed my life. I knew something had opened up inside me that could not be again closed. I felt like I had found what I had been looking for all these years without knowing its name. The inner sense of calm and awakening was indescribable and I knew that this was the next part of my journey. So, Heather became m Reiki Master and I undertook the 1st and 2nd Reiki attunements and degrees in 2011. This further changed my life. I felt lifted, clear and enlightened in a new, fresh way that I hadn’t felt before. I felt like I was wakening up! I began to practice Reiki. Then by 2013 I knew that I was ready to become a Reiki Master so I took my Reiki Masters training and attunement. I’ve never looked back!

I have been, and continue to be passionate about healing through energy work, the chakras and the meridian lines, through meditation and mindfulness. It’s always a pleasure and privilege to help with our reconnection to the natural healing systems inherent and available to all of us.

I love my work and hope you come to experience this with me!