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J'ai eu la chance de pouvoir faire une séance de reiki il y a peu et ce fut une bonne expérience. Denise est une personne calme et sa seule présence suffit à se sentir bien Je recommande vraiment

In a time in this world of such confusion and strange emotions, Reiki will help you come back to yourself and allow you to stay grounded. I highly recommended it.

Whilst visiting, I had a Reiki session with Denise, it was very relaxing and I really felt it took away a lot of tension and stress. I'd recommend Denise Grieve for this or any other similar therapy

Cela fait 2 fois maintenant que Denise à longue distance a utilisé ses compétences et énergies sur ma personne . Grâce à ces procédés , j’ai pu ressentir quelque chose tout le long de la séance Et un bien être après . J’avais un soucis d’ordre médical que je n’ai plus depuis mes 2 séances !! Merci Denise et j’ai hâte de pouvoir enfin venir en personne cette fois ci pour La prochaine

I have received Reiki several times from Denise, both in person and remotely, and each time is a great experience. The sessions help to ground you and regain focus. It's so important to work with our energy, and in a modern, busy world, Reiki allows you to reconnect with your higher self. I would recommend this for anyone! Especially if you are dealing with struggles or illness, or if you're on your spiritual journey! Can't wait for my next session! Peace and love.

He tenido la posibilidad de vivir una experiencia energética increíble con Denise. Lo recomiendo a todas aquellas personas que quieran conocerse y mimarse.

Hi Denise, I just wanted to let you know how well I felt after my Distant Reiki last week.  As I told you my lymph node wound has been problematic after my breast cancer surgery, however when I woke after my session my whole chest felt freer, less tight, and I could get up from my bed without discomfort, a first.  These positives, together with now feeling more focused in general, have continued so I'm feeling more grounded and able to cope with my next challenges.  Thank you so much. Love and light until the next time, Mel xxxxxxx

Denise has an amazing energy even on distant healing Brenda, Scotland

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